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Fabels is me – musician, visual artist and writer Marc Fabels. I’m living and working in The Hague (NL).

My music nowadays ranges from multi-layered indie rock songs to delicate, cinematic pieces, mostly with personal lyrics, sometimes just instrumental. Genre-defying by nature (as taught by lifelong influences and heroes like David Bowie and PJ Harvey), the whole variety of my music is still, by its sound and vision, always recognisable as ‘Fabels’.

Since I got my first guitar when I was twelve years old, I have never NOT made music, even if in some periods less prolific than in others. Always having a guitar at hand may be the most important thing in the world: to me, it’s about the playing, the inventing, the process of translating moods and ideas into songs and sounds – it’s not about being ‘out there’ as a goal in itself. Sharing my music (and my poems and art, for that matter) now is more like trying to connect with kindred spirits.

Right now, I am writing music at a pretty furious pace I must say I haven’t experienced before – resulting in more new material than I have time to properly record… But I am fully committed to bringing it to your ears some day in the near future. First: the EP Is It Hunger (Or Is It A Hole?)!

In the early 1990s, right after the classic first band with my best friends, I was a bass player with acclaimed Dutch noiserock band
Cords and co-composer of their debut album Taurus No Bull and EP Gasping, doing a Peel Session in London, touring the USA and Europe and playing legendary venues like CBGB’s, The Knitting Factory and The Marquee. In 2006, under the moniker Danger Men with Cords member Petrushka Morsink, we released the experimental ‘heavy listening’ album Anger Me to raving reviews. In 2010, Cords briefly reunited, playing some 30 shows throughout The Netherlands to promote the release of the outtakes-and-rarities album Collage, which also contained three new and co-written songs.